Successful Entrepreneur Stories: Social Media Mogul Mark Zuckerberg

The programming prodigy, the multi-lingual whiz kid, the ardent atheist, the philanthropist are a few profile descriptions one can use to define the multi-faceted persona of the celebrated Facebook founder, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg.

From an unassuming childhood spent in New York, this Harvard drop-out commands a net worth of over $ 36.5 billion. The Social Media Tycoon rose to fame in 2004, when he launched Facebook, which proved to be a path-breaking revolution in online social communication. Having been offered $15 Billion by Microsoft to own Facebook, Mark possessed the unwavering grit to refuse the deal and walk away with graceful rectitude.

  • Restlessness with status-quo

This trait roots itself in the DNA of all self-made superheroes who are an indispensable part in successful entrepreneur stories. Even as a kid of 11 years, Mark wanted to innovate and created “Zucknet” that connected computers at different locations. During high school, he created the Synapse Media Player for Intelligent Media Group. At college, Mark was lauded for his expertise in fencing. He never compromised creativity and could not confine to stereotypes. He was a trend-breaker and always welcomed change. His unquenchable thirst for innovation energized his entrepreneurial pursuit.

  • Devotion to mission and resoluteness

Successful entrepreneur stories are written, not on people’s financial net worth, but on the ways they rewrote destiny with commitment and decisiveness. Mark’s dreams could not be bought, even when corporates like AOL, MTV and Microsoft were super-interested in his ambitious inventions. When Mark was sued on the grounds of stealing idea from friends, his courage was unbeaten and his perseverance of mission continued unabated.

  • To err is the beginning of learning

If we were to find successful entrepreneur stories of geniuses who used fallacies and imperfections to touch the zenith, then Mark Zuckerberg would top the search results. Often, you find hiccups and teething trouble when you take the road less frequented. This is what happened with Mark, when he dared to tear away comfort zones. In the face of gut-crunching frustrations, Mark did not resign to failures, but perceived them as opportunities for learning. He encourages people to move fast regardless of breaking things. Unless you break stuff, you are moving fast, says Mark. His is one of the very few successful entrepreneur stories that educate us on the common man’s rudimentary ways of learning things.

  • Participation – to grow and let grow

To make it to successful entrepreneur stories, you cannot afford to be autocratic and shortsighted. As the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has a penchant to respect and take cognizance of public responses, reviews and feedback on the social media. Adaptability and willingness to change have been the pillars of Mark’s leadership journey. Facebook flourishes as the forerunner among social media networks, entirely because of Mark’s tolerance of criticism and willingness to give up things, rather than controlling them.

  • Commitment to humanitarian causes

Many successful entrepreneur stories depict the compassion and humanity of some of the world’s richest people.Mark Zuckerberg believes in giving back love and benevolence to the society which earned in global acclaim. The Start-up Education Foundation started by Mark Zuckerberg is driven by needs to bring quality education within reach of the poor and the underprivileged.


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