Leadership Roles and Team Chemistry

Personality traits and work preferences will help you to determine which workers are best suited for the various leadership roles that need to be filled. Once you have charted these qualities and have a good understanding of each individual’s interactive and communication skills, their  unique ways of organizing and making decisions, as well as any other relevant talents, you will be able to assign leadership roles effectively. Your next goal, as a supervisor would be to make sure that all of the parts fit well together, making a balanced structure, which will serve as the foundation for your team. Creating good chemistry and cultivating a healthy and productive office culture will ensure that all of these efforts bear fruitful results.

You must remember that the glue that holds your work group together is not the individual talents, but the ability to function as a harmonious unit. This is why creating excellent team chemistry is so important. After all, you will have to face many diverse challenges as a team and it is you collective spirit that will see you through. Many forces may attempt to pull you in different directions, endangering your productivity and cohesion, so developing strong interpersonal bonds, mutual respect and a commitment to the common goal should be your priorities, as the supervisor. When everyone on the team has a similar level of commitment to your company, people will work better together.

Well organized and highly efficient teams can be recognized by several defining characteristics. Communication amongst the different leadership roles is candid and frequent. They display great mettle when confronting challenges or solving problems. They give each other positive reinforcement and advice freely. All the employees are willing to fill in for one another, whenever the circumstances require and are happy to assist anyone who is struggling with a certain tasks. They are focused on the common goal, more so than on personal ambitions, knowing that success can only be achieved as a team. These are the defining factors that aid in creating good chemistry in your office.

You should keep in mind that this level of chemistry does not magically appear out of nowhere. You must make every effort to nurture it into existence and maintain it through careful observation and manipulation. Team building activities, such as outings or group training sessions can help you achieve this. Regular meetings and brainstorming gatherings should also be arranged to allow everyone in the group to share their ideas and contribute to a common understanding of the process. More frivolous or less formal events should not be overlooked in furthering this goal. Holiday parties, athletics like softball or white water rafting and even bring your kid to work or casual days can all help to enhance group empathy, trust and confidence. These undertakings will also help you to distinguish people especially suited for certain leadership roles, as you will be able to observe behaviors not typically displayed in the stricter office environment. In other words, get to know your workforce, as this will pay dividends in the future.


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