Software industry trends for E-businesses in SE Asia

Are you looking for software industry trends? They’re critical for different regions in the world including Internet companies in SE Asia.

SE Asia has had a late start in the global economy. However, it’s had one of the fastest growing rates in IT, with an average GDP over 6% during the last decade. In fact, in terms of software industry trends the World Bank forecasts that after the Global Recession of the late 200s, nations such as Philippines, Cambodia, and Laos will start to recover their Gross Domestic Product (GDP) momentum. Industry experts are expecting growth in the next few years.

SE is quickly catching up with global advances in Information Technology (IT). There’s strong growth/development in the sector. Based on a forecast by Gartner, the total value of the IT services in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand from 2015 to 2017 will be about $74 billion.

In terms of software industry trends big data as well as cloud computing are boosting the progress in various sectors. They include banking, telecommunications, healthcare, and distribution. This is an important fact to consider in terms of the regional IT growth.

In addition, SE Asia has also become a popular destination for IT outsourcing. Based on an early 2014 survey, 3/5 offshore outsourcing locations in the Asia-Pacific area took places in the SE. That includes Philippines, Malaysia, and Vietnam. In addition, the top outsourcing destinations report found that half of the 14 SE Asian cities on the list were in the Philippines.

Another issue related to software industry trends is the TELMIN 10 meeting of IT and telecom ministers. ASEAN’s ICT development orientation was passed. Information communications tech was classified as a critical tool for the area’s economic growth. It was also considered a bridge for connecting ASEAN nations with development trends taking place throughout the world.

This has resulted in creating demand for other regional conferences. That includes ASOCIO and TELMIN. It showed the ministers are committed to building an active IT environment. This is one of the software industry trends in the region.

As a result, regional companies will have the opportunity to work in building IT systems in the region. They’ll even produce in-house software solutions.

Investors perceive SE Asia as having a lot of IT investment potential. It’s the same situation as China at the end of the 200s. Tech businesses in the region have a big opportunity for development. The first one is to meet demand for IT work. Meanwhile, to exploit the opportunities, companies must catch up quickly to the scale, human resources, and capacity that’ required for today’s tech trends.

Several big IT companies and excited about contributing to the fast development of ASEAN. FPt is one of Vietnam’s top corporations. It’s been funding research for innovative mobile, social, SMAC solutions, or socio-economic areas including healthcare, telecommunications and banking. The company turned a profit of $119 million in 2013.

Meanwhile, GSE Global is a Singapore-based IT company. It has 1,300 workers in 17 countries.

These are some of the main software industry trends in SE Asia from Yair Hamami software.


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