How Did Bill Gates Become One Of The Most Successful Business Stories Of The 20th Century?

Are you interested in learning some 20th century successful business stories? If so then you should learn about the story of its co-founder Bill Gates. He helped to build one of the world’s largest tech companies. Today, the company not only produces many versions of Microsoft Windows but also other popular products including Xbox One gaming consoles.

Bill Gates’ story started when he was born in October 1955 in the city of Seattle, Washington. This was the start of one of the most interesting successful business stories of the last century. Gates has become one of the richest people in the world. He’s now worth over $83 billion. This is just one reason his story is included in our successful business stories.

Gates co-founded Microsoft in 1976 with his friend Paul Allen. He served as the CEO until January 2000. In recent years he’s focused on The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates’ charity became the world’s first foundation worth $1 billion and explains in part why he’s included in successful business stories.

Gates founded Microsoft 40 years ago when he landed a deal to create an operating system for a new microcomputer. Quality control was one of the keys to the company in the early days and Gates actually reviewed each and every land of code the company produced.

Gates was also involved in several aspects of the company’s operations. That included packing/shipping.  However, Microsoft got its big break in 1980. That’s when IBM asked the tech company to design a new BASIC operating system for the tech company’s new computers. At that time IBM was the largest PC maker.

Microsoft was able to sell the new OS to other manufactures of IBM PC clones. This helped the company to achieve big success in the tech world. In fact, since then Microsoft has become the world’s top creator of PC operating systems. Some of the company’s best-known versions were Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows 10.

The first version of Microsoft Windows was launched in 1990. This event is one of the reasons the company is often included in successful business stories. The software soon became a best-seller and soon grabbed the majority of OS market share.

Another major version Windows launched was Windows 95. This set new industry standards. This made Microsoft a household name in the OS market.

Another major feature of Microsoft is that the company produced diversified product lines. Besides Windows there was also Internet Explorer and Microsoft Office. The company has had problems in some sectors including search engines and mobile devices.

However, the company continues to be one of the world’s top tech companies. Today, it produces the popular Xbox One consoles that are the second best-selling console after Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Gates has also launched one of the world’s largest foundations. He’s also received support from other billionaires including Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet, etc. His foundation focuses on healthcare, education, and green issues.


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