Remunerate Your Workforce Properly With These 5 Yair Hamami Management Tips

Are you looking for ways to reward your workers? Here are some Yair Hamami manager tips to achieve that goal:

1. Summer fun

One of the toughest situations your workers might have to be in during the summer is being stuck in the office. This can be a tough situation when you know some coworkers are camping in the mountains or swimming at the beach.

One helpful Yair Hamami manager tip is to add some “Summer Fun” into the workday. You can have a drawing that allows everyone to enjoy a long lunch, sleep-in day, or early clock-out time.

2. Family invites

You could invite workers’ families to special company events such as picnics or holiday parties. This makes the events even more special because it allows not only employees to enjoy the celebrations, but also with their family members.

This type of reward is also a way to get to know your workers’ personal lives better. It’s one thing to see them every day in the office, but a helpful tip is to always remember that people have personal lives outside the workplace that are just as important to them, and in fact can affect their work life.

3. Cookies for a good cause

If you have employees who are volunteers for a charity, you could deliver a special cookie to them with a thank you note/card. The shape of the cookie should show the particular charity the worker is involved in. For example, if your workers are involved in environmental causes you could make a cookie decorated like a globe.

4. Meetings in coffee shops

A helpful Yair Hamami manager tip is that you could hold your meetings in coffee shops. It provides a relaxed and casual environment. You should of course treat your workers to drinks whether it’s coffee or tea.

If you have a virtual office you could send Starbucks gift cards and then use an instant messaging service to chat with them from the physical coffee shop. This is a good Yair Hamami manager tip because it will allow all employees to enjoy free coffee even if they’re far away.

5. Special projects

Another Yair Hamami manager tip is giving special projects. This is about giving your workers a chance to work on special projects besides their regular responsivities. This will allow for growth and show that you’re confident in their capabilities of doing a good job.

Bonus tip: Special dress code

You could have a special day in the office that lets workers change their regular dress code. Some examples include a t-shirt day, casual clothes day, or silly hat day. This provides your workers with a way they can wear special clothing to spice up the workday.

You could even have themes. An example is Hawaiian dress day, and there are others you could use. What’s important is to give your workers a chance to wear something different from the regular dress code at your workplace. Your workers will likely enjoy the chance to wear something different.

These are some of the top Yair Hamami manager tips for rewarding your workers.


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