Leadership Effectiveness Secrets – How to Make Your Key People Feel Valued

Anyone who has read previous articles by me on leadership effectiveness knows that I am quite dogmatic on certain principles:

  1. That you are only truly effective as a senior business leader if you are freed from the minutiae of reactive management
  2. That the best way to make this happen is to only be involved in the day to day management of your most senior staff (ideally just your key team).
  3. You then allow them the space and freedom to run their own teams autonomously but within the structure of your grand plan.

Though it looks like a laissez-faire approach to business leadership, it is far from that since you are effectively giving your staff as much freedom as you are prepared to allow them.

Like so much in life a balance must be struck, ensuring your key people feel both free to do their job their way but with a positive level of pressure from above that they must deliver results.


Positive pressure I hear you ask – how does one achieve that? The way to achieve this (and, incidentally get that stage further in your leadership effectiveness) is a tool I advocate often:

Sit down every week at the same with each of your key team individually with no interruptions or prying eyes and allow them to speak freely.

Every week at the same time? Oh yes, that’s the magic – and made possible by repeat scheduling your first meeting in Outlook (or whatever you use for your diary).

Find a spot each week that won’t be affected by the school run or other outside factors and book a 30 minute slot in your office. Before you fire off the meeting request using your preferred diary software, click on the repeat button and you’ll have them locked in to the same time every week for as far ahead as the software allows.

One click is all it will take and the fact this meeting happens without fail every week what makes it such a powerful tool for you in your leadership effectiveness. They will all arrive fully prepared, numbers clear in their heads and will walk away feeling that positive level of pressure but hopefully valued nonetheless.

Some caveats for clarification:

  • Do not be tempted to personally extend this beyond your key people – let them do this with their teams themselves, you don’t need to be involved.
  • Because you are normally quite hands-off, don’t be afraid to grill them on where they are vs where they should be. This is the exchange for you leaving them to it the rest of the week and you should both be able to speak your minds in these meetings

Like all of my Yair Hamami leadership effectiveness recommendations aim to do, you will receive multiple benefits from making the time to do this, as weekly checks ensure your people are happy, on track and communicating your message effectively



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