Coca-Cola is One of the World’s Most Successful Business Stories!

How much do you know about the story of Coca-Cola? There are various reasons why it’s often included in successful business stories. In fact, it’s quite an interesting story if you’re not familiar with it.

The story started over 130 years ago in 1886. That’s when a pharmacist by the name of John Pemberton or “Doc” fought in the United States Civil War. This fact is often included in successful business stories, so it’s certainly worth noting.

After the war between the North and Sound ended, Pemberton made the decision to create something that would help him to become successful in the business world. During the Reconstruction Era, there were many business opportunities as the country spent a large amount of money to rebuild the Southern states.

In the past Pemberton hadn’t had much success as a pharmacist. For example, he had invented several drugs, but none of them helped him to make money. Then after a visit to Atlanta, George he decided to try the US beverage market. This fact is often mentioned in successful business stories about Coke.

During that time the “soda fountain” was becoming quite popular in US culture. It was something that brought people together during social gatherings. They became even more popular due to the anti-alcohol movement in the country.

This situation caused bars to be less successful but also created a market for new soft drinks. Pemberton saw this opportunity and decided to make a new soft drink. This fact is often mentioned in successful business stories.

He decided to make a soda-fountain drink. This resulted in the birth of Coca-Cola. A man named Frank Robinson helped Pemberton with advertising. He registered the drink’s formula with the US patent office. Also, he also developed the company’s logo that has changed little during the last 130 years or so.

Not only that, but Robinson also developed the slogan “The Pause That Refreshes.” During the company’s history, it’s had other famous slogans including “Have a Coke and a smile.”

The company struggles during its first year. The major problem is that Pemberton also died in 1888 so he never saw his product become successful.

The good news regarding successful business stories is that someone named Asa Griggs Candler became the owner of Coca-Cola in 1891. He hired wandering salesmen to distribute coupons for one free Coke. His ultimate goal was to get people to try out a Coke and then buy the beverage later.

Candler also took other marketing steps. He put the logos on calendars, notebooks, posters, etc. so customers would see the logo on a big scale. The goal was to make the drink a national brand.

The drink was also sold as a medicine. However, it was later only sold as a beverage. The rest as they say is history. Today Coke is the most famous soft drink in the world.

These facts about Coke aren’t just interesting but show why the company is often included in successful business stories. It has a history of success and will likely build on that success in the future.


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