Manage your online workforce with these Yair Hamami manager tips

Do you have an online workforce to manage? The process can seem tough, but with these Yair Hamami manager tips the entire process will be much easier:

  1. Be brief yet detailed

This is always important in the business world, but it’s especially important when you have a virtual team. Keep in mind that your team members will be doing work at different times and they’ll have other responsibilities outside of their work.

That’s why a Yair Hamami manager tip is for the writing to be clear and to the point. Make sure that you include all the information that your workers need to know. On the other hand, it’s also important to get right to the point about whatever it Is you want to inform your team members.

This is important for various reasons. In particular, it will help to get your whole team on the same page, which is critical for any online or offline business. Not only that but it will also help to prevent any mix-ups caused when information isn’t clear or detailed.

  1. Provide constructive criticism

Workers realize that they won’t be doing everything right all the time. However, it’s important for criticism to be “constructive.” In other words, you should give it in a way that shows it will benefit the worker and the company itself.

  1. Avoid figures of speech, sarcasm

It’s important to be as direct as possible without being harsh. When you use too much figure of speech, it can be confusing and even annoying. Another Yair Hamami manager tip is that sarcasm can be very off-putting. Workers typically don’t mind getting instructions or even criticism. However, it can be very insulting if you use sarcasm since it can be critical in an indirect way.

Keep in mind that online workers will automatically have less of a connection to their work if it’s online since there isn’t the physical element of going to an office, working beside coworkers, and so on. You certainly won’t want to risk losing an employee because they didn’t like your memo with the phrase “Maybe you should” repeated several times.

  1. Put it in writing

Here’s another Yair Hamami manager tip. It’s important to write stuff down when you’re managing an online team. There are various reasons. In particular, it creates a written record and gives the reader something to review and study several times. There’s nothing wrong with more spontaneous methods such as live chat, but when you write a memo, it can be easier for your team members to read and process.

  1. Use visual aids

Another Yair Hamami manager tip is there are various options including PowerPoint and graphics software. This isn’t to say that your memos have to be a work of art. However, try to add some pizzazz to your writings to add some variety. It can be easier for your workers to deal with memos and such when they’re not boring or tedious.

These are some of the top Yair Hamami manager tips for managing your online office. If you take the right steps, you can create an environment that’s virtually the same as a physical office.


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