Latest Software Industry Trends in New Business Software Packages Online

Are you looking for the latest software industry trends for business software? If you’re in the market for business software suites, then this is especially important. It’s important to know the trends so you can make the best choice of software. Here are some the hottest trends as identified by Yair Hamami Software:

  1. Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is an issue that affects many aspects of a company’s tech including business software. It also affects other issues including Internet of Things (IoT) devices and other matters. Cybersecurity also affects other business-related issues including enterprise software, multi-layered security, and other issues. If you’re searching for business software, then this is an issue you should consider.

  1. Cloud

This is one of the top software industry trends for this year. More companies are using cloud computing/storage for their business needs. It provides many benefits including lower costs for hosting/equipment, more efficient operations, and higher productivity. These are key benefits that make it worth considering for 2017.

  1. Smart Apps

This is another of the hottest software industry trends to watch out for in 2017 in the world of business software. Intelligence apps aren’t new. However, they’re going to be used more in 2017. In particular, they won’t just be used as virtual assistants.

As a matter of fact, each software category will have artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This is a major trend in the industry. AI gives business the ability to benefit from advanced analytics, more conversational interfaces, and autofocus business processes. This is a major development in the business world.

  1. Chatbots/Business Bots

This is another software trend to watch for in 2017. Chatbots for smartphones are quite basic. However, that will change as the tech becomes more advanced.

  1. Data Centers

Data centers are always a major resource for companies, and that won’t change in 2017. However, one of the software industry trends to watch out for is for more automation for data centers as well as marketing. Many companies are investing in automation because they see the big potential for the future.

Automation will provide many benefits for companies. They include more jobs in various sectors. Data centers are already using open-source automation tools. However, it’s likely that data centers and marketing will also move towards the use of more automation.

It’s been predicted that by next year the biggest 200 companies in the world will be using intelligent apps. That’s a major development in the business world.

  1. AR/VR

Regarding software industry trends, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been making tech news mostly due to their applications in the gaming industry. However, there are also many business applications. That includes options such as Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented headset.

There are many benefits of these products. In particular, they allow workers to view products they’re developing without the need to build expensive models, for example. This is a plus for companies as it provides a cost-effective alternative to some traditional options.

These are some of the top software industry trends related to business software. Make sure to watch out for them in 2017.


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