Software Industry Trends To Follow In The 21st Century

What are the biggest software industry trends of this century? If you want to follow them, then it all starts with knowing some of the biggest trends that are exist now. Here are some of them.

1. DevOps

The switch to DevOps has continued in recent years. That’s happened as more developers have realized the communication benefits regarding medium to large companies. Teamwork is frequently a key to a projects’ success.

So it’s not surprising that software that makes it easier for people to team up has become front and center. It’s highly likely that DevOps will continue to be a popular option. That’s because companies continue to rely more on cloud computing and there’s a bigger need to move data.

2. JavaScript Frameworks

Here’s another of the big software industry trends that will continue from last year. These frameworks are replacing the old-school techniques of JavaScript writing. There were several popular frameworks last year. It’s likely they’ll continue to be frequently used today.

There’s also many frameworks used for building mobile apps using HTML 5 tech. PhoneGap is one of the most famous ones although there are others.

3. Mobile

One of the biggest software industry trends in recent years has been mobile. In fact, this has been one of the biggest sectors in the world of software. Today more businesses are seeing the many benefits of moving their products/services to mobile apps that can provide a better user experience for smartphones and tablets.

It’s a different time than when designers had to spend tons of time to map out their sites. They can now use a one-page layout for a mobile app. All the info the app requires can be from a database. So there’s no need for the extra sources that a standard web page requires. That results in a web page that’s more attractive, responsive, and engage. It explains why mobile is still one of the biggest software industry trends in the industry.

4. Privacy

Here’s another of the big software industry trends to expect in the next years. It was a hot topic last year, and it continues to be so. That’s due in part to many high-profile hacks that involved Yahoo, Ashley Madison, and other well-known sites.

Sites that are responsible for their customers’ personal/financial formation are now even more responsible for keeping the data safe from hack attacks. Software developers are now often hired base on their experience in data protection. The demand is higher as companies are focusing more on privacy than in the past.

5. Cloud

The cloud continues to be used more often. In fact, it’s become so popular that it’s mostly just referred to as “computing” instead of “cloud computing.” The number of companies that are using the cloud continues to increase. In fact, there are few companies now that don’t use it.

This shows that it’s become much more mainstream than in the past. That’s true for business’ internal sides and customer-facing sides.

These are easily some of the biggest software industry trends of the 21t century.


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