Corporate Strategic Planning Projections For The Cell Phone Industry This Year

Are you in the mobile phone industry? If so then you should be aware of the various corporate strategic planning projects for the year. Here are some of them from your Yair Hamami business strategy.

An important corporate strategic planning issue to be aware of is that the global smartphone market continues to grow. Experts believe it will reach 2 billion units by the year 2019, which is up from 1.96 billion a few years ago in 2014. That was reported by the tech analyst company CCS Insight.

One of the biggest reveals in the report is that there’s constant growth in emerging markets. However, sales in developed regions including North America and Western Europe are near the saturation point. In fact, it’s important to note that regarding corporate strategic planning the figures are predicted to peak during 2017 and then drop to lower levels.

More specifically, the company has stated that smartphone sales are projected to slowly drop after 2017 in North America and Western Europe. That situation could be prevented if there’s a big disruption in the industry such as the iPhone’s launch one decade ago in 2007.

The projections by CCS Insight highlight the smartphone’s decreasing importance. That’s due to mobile phones becoming more connected to the web and the increasing number of gadgets on the market. This is another corporate strategic planning issue to consider for those in the mobile phone industry.

There are various devices that are now competing for customers’ money. They include VR headsets, fitness trackers, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and smartwatches. The company reported that the amount of competition for households’ income continues to increase quickly. That’s due to the new and exciting devices on the market.

That’s compared to the smartphone industry that hasn’t had many major innovations in recent years. That’s why fewer people in developed countries are intent on buying the latest smartphone on the market. In fact, many shoppers in North America and Europe are now looking for mid-range smartphones. They have a good camera, big screen, and moderate battery life.

However, even with this corporate strategic planning projection, it should be noted that Apple’s iPhone continues to dominate the market. It’s easily earned the most revenue and profits in the smartphone industry. It has about 40% of the market share. That figure is up from about 15% in 2014. Yair Hamami business strategy states that the  company recently launched it’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus units. This year the company will release 10 anniversary units after unveiling the original iPhone in 2007.

Apple’s success is also boosting high-growth markets in nations such as India, China, and Indonesia. The price is too high for many people in developing countries. However, it’s often regarded as a symbol of success in those nations. Not only that but there are enough shoppers in those companies who can afford the phones. Android is also dominating the smartphone market.

In fact, over 99% of today’s smartphones are running on either iOS or Android. However, almost one-third of Android phones shipped last year didn’t run Google services.

These corporate strategic planning projections for 2017 are critical to know if you’re in the cell phone industry.


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