How Strategy Development Changes In Holiday Season For International Retailers

Are you a global retailer? If so then you might be wondering how your strategy development should change during the holiday shopping season. Here are some helpful Yair Hamami business strategy tips:

1. Use extra revenue for advertising

It’s likely your company will have extra revenue after the holiday season. A helpful strategy development tip is to use some of those funds for an advertising campaign to keep sales up after the holiday season.

This is good investment because it will help to keep sales figures up the entire year. Keep in mind that it will be almost a whole year until the next holiday shopping season starts. Your company is in it for the long haul, so it’s best to make investments to keep sales up 12 months a year.

2. Consider people’s New Year’s resolutions

The New Year is the time people think about getting in shape, starting and a new hobby, spending more time outdoors, and so on. Think about how you could link your company’s products to your customers’ New Year’s resolutions. You could offer sales and promos on products they could use as part of their plans for the new year.


3. Launch a social media campaign

The holiday shopping season is the perfect time to use this strategy development tip. Today increasingly more shoppers are using social to get news and information. So it’s a plus if you can get the word out about your company’s offerings during the holiday season.

Make sure to focus on the major platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. However, you should also find out which social networks your niche market tends to use. Sometimes it’s lesser known platforms such as Reddit.

4. Continue holiday campaign

A helpful strategy development tip is to continue your holiday campaigns after Christmas and possibly New Year’s. For example, people who received gift cards during the holiday season might want to spend them quickly.

This is a good reason to continue holiday promotions a week or so after Christmas This can help to boost sales from customers who might normally wait until after the new year to use their gift cards, for example. There are other shoppers who might want to treat themselves after surviving the hectic holiday season.

5. Focus on content

The holiday season is an excellent time to boost your content on blogs, social media, or even your official website. This strategy development tip is critical as today’s customers don’t just go online to buy stuff. They’re also looking for quality content to help guide their purchases. It’s important to plan ahead and start boosting content before the holiday season starts. Then you’ll be ready when the time has arrived.

These are some helpful tips for your international retail company to improve its strategy development during the holiday season.Like other retailers, it’s important for international retailers to have a plan for boosting growth during the holiday season. These helpful tips can help your company to give itself the gift of sky-high sales and profits during the holiday season.


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