Sports Teams that Have Initiated Strategy Development Programs

Are you looking for strategy development ideas? Here are some of the top examples from sports teams:

  1. Sky Sports

Sky Sports’ first use of 360-degree videos definitely worth noting in terms of strategic plans. It was used to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the company. Soccer star David Beckham was filmed in a VR interview. He talked about his top 3 goals in the Premier League.

Due to the development of Sky and Sky’s use of 3D broadcasting, the company decided to use the tech for marketing. There have been millions of views already. This shows that it seems to be effective strategy development.

Sky actually has a VR studio. As a result, you should expect to see more 3D videos. In fact, within a time such content might be sold as a product. It would be a lucrative option for the company.

  1. Google

Here’s one of the top examples of strategy development from a sports team. A few years ago Google started providing a ton of content for its search results for the 2014 World Cup. At the time it was an innovative move even though Google Cards have become quite common today on the web. However, at the time it was a game-changer.

At the time Google was providing several kinds of content. That included scores, team line-ups, video highlights, and tables. All of that information was shown in the search. Besides that Google Now provided World Cup integration. Street View gave fans a look into stadiums. Another tool was Google Trends, which provided a microsite that included a lot of statistics.

It doesn’t seem that Google and FIFA officially teamed up for the World Cup. However, that’s probably not critical. The reason is the content benefited the parties and was one of the biggest marketing stories of the World Cup. It was certainly an effective use of strategy development.

  1. Adidas

Here’s another example of effective strategy development. It involves Derrick Rose’ Jump Store. The store opened for one day in London back in July 2013. The point guard from the Chicago Bulls invited fans lined up to take one pair of free trainers that were located 10 feet in the air on a shelf.

Meanwhile, the campaign video explains what the company does. This was an effective part of the campaign because it shared the work that the organization does, which is a plus. It shows that the campaign was for a good cause.

  1. BetFair

The Back Yourself campaign allows people to gamble on themselves. It’s about making the person’s target time at the 2016 London Marathon. This is another effective example of strategy development. All winnings for people who hit the time mark returned to the charity that was chosen. On the other hand, lost bets were donated to Cancer Research UK.

This was an effective way to improve the company’s brand image, collect data, and encourage people to gamble more.

These are some of the top examples of sports teams and companies that used effective strategic planning to promote their team.


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