Successful Business Stories From The World Of Yacht Building

Do you want to be inspired by yacht-building companies? Here are some of the top successful business stories in the industry from Yair Hamami success:

  1. Feadship (Netherlands)

Here’s one of the top yacht builders in the world. Feadship specializes in building fully customized superyachts. It’s one of a couple of shipyards globally that labors to build 100% custom yachts. The company has also teamed up with superyacht owners starting in the 1800s to build one-off high-end customized luxury motor yachts. This is the reason Feadship is often mentioned in successful business stories.

Feadship now has 4 shipyards located in the Netherlands. It’s also expanding now at the company’s Amsterdam facility. It will offer the capability to construct motor yachts up to 160 meters long. There are now more than 250 Feadship yachts in operation. It’s one of the industry leaders in the yacht-building industry.

  1. Christensen Shipyards (United States)

This is one of the top yacht companies mentioned in successful business stories. In fact, it’s among the world’s top specialists in composite fiberglass. It has a fleet that includes full as well as semi-custom superyachts. They range in length from 35 meters to 50 meters. The company has a state-of-the-yard shipyard located in Washington State. It spans nearly 180,000 square meters and also includes a 7-acre marina.

Another reason why Christensen is included successful business stories is that it also offers to build smaller yachts with lengths up to 50 meters. The company now has tens of superyachts in its fleet. The company also has plans to open what it claims will be the biggest yacht facility located in the Americas. The facility built in Tennessee during the next years till house superyachts ranging from 57 meters to 70 meters.

  1. Fincantieri Yachts (Italy

Fincantieri is another yacht-building company that’s often included in successful business stories. The company specializes in fully-customized luxury yachts more than 70 meters long. There’s no upper limit regarding the size/volume the company can manufacture. The company now has a wide range of ideas/projects.

The company is two centuries old and has built about 7,000 vessels.  Fincantieri’s network of 20 shipyards on 4 continents is quite amazing. It also has three design centers as well as a research center. As a result, it’s one of the largest shipyards in the West.

  1. Heesen Yachts (Netherlands)

Here’s another of the world’s top yacht companies. In fact, it’s one of the top luxury yacht makers in the world. It specializes in superyachts ranging from 30 meters to 65 meters. However, it also can construct yachts that are 80 meters and longer.

Heesen focuses on innovation and quality. The company has built several customized yachts, and no two yachts are 100% the same. The company was founded in 1978. It became the first shipyard in the Netherlands to use aluminum when constructing yacht hulls. The company has built nearly 170 yachts. They all have strong materials and excellent craftsmanship.

While there are several boat-building companies these are some of the top successful business stories in the industry


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